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It is a privilege to once again serve the RPA as president. I have been an active Certified Member of the association since 1997. In my own healing practice I support others to achieve their potential with holographic coaching in one to one sessions or in online groups. I also am the online coordinator for Ardis Ozborn where I enjoy making online classes happen. My vision is that as an entrained group with shared values we expand our RPA presence in the healing community through our collaboration and co-creation of unique opportunities for each practitioner to market their work without selling.

WPH por México

Resonate with recovery for Mexico after the earthquake

World Peace Hologram

Invitamos a todos los interesados a participar en este evento de Resonance Repatterning por México, facilitadoras Miriam Dech,  Miriam Mayoral y Verónica Puente.

  • Previo a la sesión, puedes participar escribiéndonos tus intenciones para una nueva posibilidad; si estás directamente afectado(a) por los acontecimientos recientes en México o tienes problemas, escríbenos para juntos transformarlo hacia lo coherente.

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Meeting the RPA Timezone Challenge: Next WOT at 7:00pm Est

If only the world were flat and contained in one time zone – it would solve a lot of problems connecting with others around the world!

At RPA we would love to be able to offer live events that are accessible time-wise for everyone.  The truth is no matter what, members located at one end of the globe or another will always be attending our events  in middle of the night.   Most of our members are from North America and Great Britain.  Our best time of day to host an event that will accommodate both the USA West Coast in the Los Angeles time zone and   London, England at the other end of the time zone spectrum – is NOON eastern whether on Day Light Savings time or not.

Members in Australia and other south seas locations are left out.


Our solution is to offer some of our events at 7:00pm Eastern as it still includes the majority  of our membership.  Members in Great Britain will be snoozing but Australians have the opportunity to join in.

Our next Walking Our Talk event is Thursday September 14th at 7:00pm Eastern (that’s New York time),  In Australia that will be anywhere from 7-9am THE NEXT DAY!!!!! – Friday September 15th.

No matter where you live and whether you are a night owl or not please join us for the Next Walking Our Talk Group session.  Board member, and practitioner Isabel Thomas, from Mesa Arizona will be facilitating the session.   Access details will go to those on the sign up list.

Not signed up yet?  Sign up here

Looking forward to seeing you there!


But if you did want to throw money at advertising your services…

We are still in the construction phase of our new website homebase and we are really excited about the way it will pull all of our services and programs together accessible from the home page. The website not only supports us in connecting with each other but also gives us a few ways to promote the services of our members. See my last post on free stuff.

However, We will also have a new feature to support our RPAMarketPlace ads. MarketPlace Ads show up on the home page in a revolving carousel. Each add is quite small but when you click on it, you will be taken to the link provide by the advertiser (You!). The may go to your website, blog, Facebook Page or a landing page at your website for something you would like to promote. Having your services promoted with a paid ad, can only add to the overall effectiveness of a marketing plan for your business which includes your free content such as articles.

Here is the really good news… to launch the website all members in good standing are offered one ad space for free. Members may purchase additional ad spaces for $30 each/Non Members price$60.00. The ad will run for 1 year.

We would love to have your ad on our home page MarketPlace when we launch in a week or two! If you are a member check your inbox for an email with all the details or go straight to the RPA Store and  login to “Purchase” your ad for your members price.

Non Members may purchase an ad here as well!

With love and light


Three Ways to Promote Your Services Without Selling Through RPA

“Before the web, organizations had only two significant options for attracting attention: Buy expensive advertising or get third-party ink from the media. But the web has changed the rules. The web is not TV. Organizations that understand the New Rules of Marketing and PR develop relationships directly with consumers like you and me.” David Meerman Scott, The New Rules of Marketing and PR Sixth Edition 2017

Most people who study Repatterning have a vision for a full time thriving practice doing this work.  When you are studying RR you can’t help but think – ‘everyone has to have this… and certainly want sessions’…”it will sell itself’.   However, most of us are stopped in our tracks at the daunting task of advertising or building a practice. Generally, healers dislike selling, and get over-whelmed with the options out when doing a google search.    It is true, marketing has changed for everyone in the world and there are many things you can do.      Here is how RPA can support you in selling your services without selling – instead build a relationship with a potential audience.

1. Learn how to tell your stories, share your expertise and let your potential audience know – that you know how to help solve their problems with repatterning. Publish your articles at the RPA Journal. More is arriving about that soon. A new journal committee has formed and are working on ideas for how to support you in this endeavor. Visit our Journal online today to get acquainted. We’ll be in touch soon for ways you can contribute an article or create your own authors page at

2. Provide the public with an opportunity to experience sessions with you, so they get a sense of what is involved. Volunteer to do sessions at and start attracting your potential audience. The sessions you provide are free, but provide the public with an idea of the possibilities for deeper information for their own personal session with you. Also the joy of Repatterning for peace is most uplifting!!! Get started as a volunteer and download the instructions from our store (login first).

3. Share information on your social media network that lets your potential audience know about services, articles and other resources that they may find helpful – not just yours!  You will soon become the expert in your sphere and a  ‘go to’ person for help. The marketing adage here is ‘sharing is caring’.

It’s a two way street! When you publish as an author at the RPA Journal or host a session at WORLD PEACE HOLOGRAM – RPA posts these to our Facebook page and Twitter account, they go out in round-up emails to a subscribers list and will be marketed on the home page of our new website!!!!!!!

Most marketing courses will tell you that services like ours require information based ‘advertising’ or content strategies.  As you begin writing articles that are published by a 3rd party (RPA) or offer sessions as part of a bigger program (WPH) your web presence will build with greater credibility, as you are part of the group.  People will then naturally find you through key words, word of mouth and your own published online content.

For myself, many new clients tell me that they feel they already ‘know me’ because they have watched my videos made as long as 10 years ago … still online!

Does this whole topic make you nervous? Don’t worry, we have you covered with the new Embrace Success Repatterning launching at our Professional Goals Day Repatterning Event September 30th. Stay tuned!

Start thinking about your first World Peace Hologram session or an article you would like to write.  Take some baby steps and move forward toward success!

Together we are so much more!


Up Coming Events- Circle Your Calendar!

There is lots happening at RPA!  In case you missed previous announcements here is the list to circle in your diary and/or add to add to your “TO DO” list

  1. August 3rd at 3:00pm Eastern –  “MEET & GREET” – We recognize that as an organization we are small but complex! There is a great deal to unpack and become familiar with when you are a new member.  Even long time members have asked for more orientation.    We have an informal initiative to do just that! Join Jenny Woodruff, Rose Gallagher and myself at one of our monthly or so “Meet and Greet” online sessions.  You will meet a small group of other members, find out all about RPA and clear up any confusion and find out where you may want to get involved.   Its very informal and open to members.  Please email me if you wish to attend and i will send you the access detail.   We meet online using Zoom video conferencing.

Coming? Email me

– The Monthly Repatterning for Practitioners:  

Here are the dates for our next Walking Our Talk monthly repatterning.    Access details will arrive in your inbox if you have signed up.   Not signed up yet?   You can get the details at the webstore (free for members)

1. August 12th  at Noon Eastern (Saturday)  – Tabitha Crook

2. September 14th at 7pm EST  (Thursday) – Isabel Thomas

3. October 14th at noon EST (Saturday)  – Ellen Shapiro.

3. September 30th at 12 Noon Eastern – 2:30pm
 (Free for Members) -very exciting news here! The Repatterning Ebook team that came together after last year’s event, will be unveiling a year’s worth of work creating a brand new repatterning:  “Embracing Success by Transforming Professional Goals- Inspiring growth in each other and the world”

There is something for everyone in this repatterning.  We are planning an overview and one large group repatterning to set our personal vision for professional success.  This will then be followed by several breakout groups for  specific areas of professional development to support your overall vision for success. These include:

a) Learn Repatterning
b) Getting Certified
c) Deepening Your Professional Practice
d) Stages of Membership Participation, Volunteering, and Organizational Excellence

This is an in-depth Repatterning structured similar to Chloe’s Chakra Repatterning or Negative Thoughts Repatterning as it is several repatternings rolled into one.   There will be at least 30 pages  – offering something for everyone in the Repatterning community!   Participants will receive their own copy of the repatterning in PDF form – free with their membership.     Way more details coming later in August.

Membership up for renewal or lapsed?  
Visit the RPA Webstore to get up to date. 

With love and light


Can we create the ‘Huffington Post’ for Resonance Repatterning?

 This post was originally published November 4th 2012.  With a brand new Journal committee coming together this summer to plot its relaunch, I thought this would be a great post to revisit.  ( Yes…. I hear you laughing…. that Carolyn will never give up! )  But please know this.   In my heart I know we ALL do amazing work with Resonance Repatterning.  I know everyone of us has a great story tell or information to share related to repatterning that would help someone out there who has never heard of us solve a problem and have a better life.  Most of all i know that among us we can support each other to get the stories out.   Stay tuned for the support coming soon from the new Journal committee.
With love and light
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“Can We Create the ‘Huffington Post’ for Resonance Repatterning?”
 It is in many ways the ideal medium to educate the public on the value and uses for Resonance Repatterning.  Like any other online medium, whether you are a professional marketer or someone who has never tried to blog, you never know when that one post will hit a resonant note with the public consciousness and go viral. (Read this free online resource for more info on Viral Marketing for you and me)

For most practitioners, that writing challenge is formidable on many levels, – the time it takes, skill level, topics committment etc.  However, lately I have been wondering how practitioners could work together, and create the ‘Huffington Post’ of Resonance Repatterning.   Posts don’t need to be long.  They do need to carry a short coherent message, call to action such as “Comments Welcomed”, snappy title and a sprinkling of key words.   They don’t need to be fancy but the medium can and should be mixed perhaps with a YouTube video, audio recording, picture you have snapped, or link to some other valuable information – not advertising or self-promotion.

What’s in it for me or you?  These posts promote the practitioner via a short 1 sentence bio + Link or their Gravatar card.  Also practitioner authors at the blog have their gravatar photo on the blog itself.  If your content is compelling, visitors have a hard time not to click your link to find out more about you.   The posts could be delivered to public subscribers on a weekly basis in a newsletter.  The newsletter links + your posts whenever you show up, are then circulated.    Very very inexpensive form of advertising when you think of it.

So thinking outloud, I am wondering …what if all RPA members committed to writing an article (called posts in blog language) for the journal next year? What about several posts? What could you do? Something weekly? Monthly? Quarterly?  What if we coordinated as a group to brainstorm a list of compelling topics to write about  that would appeal to the public and would help them see the value for RR for particular situations and problems? Could we as a group generate 2 posts per day for a year?  Hmmm.

Do we need training? Perhaps to raise our excitement level we need some training, things like the basics of getting a WordPress Account, making a post, inserting an image, pointers for writing, key words etc..  Once trained would we then be up for a Repatterning Challenge?

Let’s drop the gauntlet with one or two.

Group Challenge:  What if we set a goal of 1000 posts made in total by all members during the period of our February Conference date 2013 – February 2014?  Add a second group challenge of 100,000 unique visitors to the site for the same period.

Individual Challenge – Prize to be determined goes to member(s) who make 354 posts or more. / Second prize to be determined to the top 10 members with most posts and less than 354.

English: Comment icon
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your Feed Back Is Requested – Sally Herr, Journal Committee Chair  and I are discussing the possibilities of a journal training program as well as this challenge.  We would very much appreciate YOUR feedback in the comments below.  Your comments will helps us decide if we are to proceed with this idea.  And if you would like to volunteer, we would love to hear from you as well.

Does it go without saying that writing repattering is involved! LOL

With love and light

Carolyn Winter