“Walking Our Talk” at Vision Day

Vision Day 2017 has come and gone.

Two weeks ago we met to plan and share our vision.  Sitting with the RPA tribe is truly a thing of beauty.  I mean, how often do you get to sit with people from Brazil, Britain, Canada, Scotland, South Africa and all parts of the United States –  people who  ‘speak your language’? Technology is amazing.

The program was everything we expected it to be. We were welcomed by the RPA Pres, Carolyn Winter. We heard Folusho Oshoko present the RPA Vision. Leah MacLeod repatterned us for it. Veronica Puente presented last year’s survey results with a video featuring pictures of members.  (We are a good looking bunch!) Results of the 2017 Member Survey were presented.  Questions were answered.  There was open discussion and member feedback.  (You have great ideas!) A call was put out for more volunteers.  Vision Day ended featuring Facebook as a platform to connect and support each other and to market Resonance Repatterning to the world.  (Interesting! More to come on that.)

But hands down, the most exciting part of Vision Day 2017 came when discussing the member suggestion of monthly repatternings and Leah MacLeod spoke up and said, “Let’s do this. Let’s set this up right now.” Before you knew it, 4 Practitioners had volunteered and “Walking Our Talk” Monthly Group Repatternings for Members was born!!


The Repatternings will take place the 2nd week of every month on either a Thursday evening 7 EST or Saturday Noon EST.  They are free to all members and will be recorded to serve as  proxy sessions for those who can’t be present.

Mark your calendars! The first ‘Walking Our Talk’ Group Repatterning is Saturday, June 10th at 12 Noon EST.   The practitioner for the group will be revealed by means of a video blog post the week of the repatterning.  (Ah, the suspense!) Tune in here to find out who it will be.

We know what we want, we know how we feel and we are taking action to make it happen.  The RPA is ‘walking its’ talk’. It’s  going places.  Using modern technology and resources that are now available, the RPA is spiraling up as never before.  Please come and be a part of it. ‘Walk your Talk’ with us.



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