What We Do…

The Repatterning Practitioners Association

Meet the Volunteers – Board and committee members serving the RPA Membership

Find A Practitioner – Certified and Student Practitioners from around the world

RPAMarketplace – membership classifieds.   Practitioner ads for workshops, group sessions, subscriptions and more.

The RPA Mandate

The Repatterning Practitioners Association is incorporated in the United States of America as a not for profit trade association (501 c6) serving members who serve the public with the Resonance Repatterning® process and specialized applications.   The association  sets standards for certification of its members, a code of ethics,  maintains a registry of certified practitioners in good standing world wide, provides its members with continuing education opportunities, and in the future will evaluate and accredit training programs.  The association actively promotes the value of  Resonance Repatterning®  sessions as a means of creating higher coherence, health and well being for individuals and groups.

Vision Statement

We are an association of people from around the world
who have the ideal of putting love into action
by being an instrument of transformation
for ourselves and others.
We acknowledge the inherent goodness,
strength and wisdom within all beings.
We live and work with integrity,
empowering ourselves and others to manifest
a higher state of energy, well-being and coherence.
Through our work in Resonance Repatterning
we are inspired to resonate with life-enhancing intentions
that bring healing to ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Contact Us: 
PMO #134 | Suite 200
phoenix, NC US

Meet the Volunteers  |  Find A Practitioner RPAMarketplace |  World Peace Hologram

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