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Karen is a Holistic Health Counselor and Social Worker. She uses traditional and non-traditional therapies in her work. She is certified in Resonance Repatterning and is a certified consultant and teacher of Spiritual Response Technique. She often uses energetic healing techniques with clients who live a long distance away. Her passion is working with and supporting people who are motivated and actively on their Spiritual journey. Currently she a past President of the Repatterning Practitioners Association.

Let’s Welcome the New RPA President!

March 28th, 2013
??????????????????????????????????????????????Let’s Welcome the New RPA President!

It gives me great pleasure to announce the new RPA President, Laura Frisbie. She has been on the RPA Board  as the Board Repatterning, has served on the RPA Journal committee, the Bylaws committee, and the Repatterning World Summit committee.

She brings volunteer experience within the RPA and has a fulltime practice as a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner. Let’s give Laura support as she steps into this new role of leadership for our Association.

Her tenure will begin Monday, April 1st, 2013.

Many well wishes to you Laura. We look forward to your leadership and visioning for the RPA.

Best wishes and support,

Karen Kent,
Outgoing RPA President

About Laura Frisbie –  Laura’s background in Corporate Needs Assessment and Training led her to become a practitioner in 1999. She discovered her specialty, abandonment issues, after years of specializing in depression and anxiety. She discovered that safe, supportive relationships are the number one antidote and that human relationships are the greatest need of all. As is so often the case, Laura also discovered that her life history and personal journey is a tapestry of healing her own abandonment issues.

Contact Information

Location: Ashville, North Carolina, U.S.A.


Phone: 1-828-337-5845



Congratulations Laura Frisbie!

Please leave your comments of welcome below. 

RPA Executive Board Announces 2 New Board Members

Let’s give a big welcome to Certified Practitioner Gladys Murphy and Student Practitioner April Smail! Gladys rejoins the Board after serving on the Board and then on the Advisory Board where she has been involved with the RPA Summit Committee. April is close to completing her certification process.

There are 3 positions that are opening up on the Board and Gladys and April have filled in two of them. But, there is plenty of room for more! A call for nominations has been sent out and if you feel you are ready, willing and able to contribute to your community of peers we welcome your enthusiasm and commitment to the RPA.

We are at an exciting place in our history of the RPA. Is it time for you to step into leadership at the Board level or committee level? There are various levels of commitment for you to join and contribute to!There are monthly Board meetings, some committees meet weekly (depending on the project such as the RPA Summit), some committees meet quarterly (like the Journal) and some meet when needed such as the Annual Conference committee or the CEU committee.

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or interest at this time. Only together can we make a difference.

Karen Kent, RPA President or 609-443-0020

RPA Annual Conference February 23rd, 2013

Saturday February 23, 2013

Time:1:00PM Eastern

Annual Meeting Agenda

…including committee reports, voting, Honor Roll and Hall of fame presentations

Time: 1:00PM-2:15PM Est.

(Open to all members)

Keynote Presentation

Nancy Juetten

“Writing Your Bio”

The Bio Doc is in!

Time: 2:30PM-3:30PM Eastern

(Registration Required)

Group Repatterning

Facilitated by Gail Glanville

Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner

 Time: 3:45PM-5:15PM Eastern

Note: All members are invited to the annual meeting of the conference at no cost.

The Keynote presentation and Group Repatterning requires a paid registration.

$60.00 for members

$99.00 for non-members (includes Association membership)

To read more about the keynote speaker, Nancy Juetten go to:


Your input into the vision for the RPA counts.
You make a difference!

 For our association to thrive, it needs YOUR help!

The RPA is a volunteer organization and needs three additional board members to lead the way on:

 – Maintaining our dynamic certification process including the implementation of a  new Designated Observer policy
– Revisiting our web presence
– Expanding our vision for supporting RPA Members and their businesses

Can you bring to this organization and your peers your commitment, integrity, dedication, joy…

All qualities that facilitate our success? 

Are you ready to contribute to a group that makes a difference?

 Consider the BENEFITS FOR YOU:
– Gain numerous group dynamics and leadership skills.
– Feel a sense of satisfaction as you see your ideas become reality.
– Work together with a Board who is repatterned monthly.
– Contribute to the evolving vision of our organization.

Please nominate yourself or a fellow member by January 4th , 2012.  Visit:  ttp://

Or Contact Karen Kent, President, RPA  609-443-0020 

Elections to the board are held at the February 23, 2013 Annual Conference.

If you’d like to “come on board” sooner than that, let us know.

YOU . . . yes, you! . . . can join the board


Respectfully submitted by
Karen Kent, President, RPA 



Call for Nominations at the Annual Meeting February 26th

Consider for yourself this year: Why Do I Give to the RPA?

Expand your circle and professional sphere of influence and join the RPA Board

Do you have ideas and opinions about the Association and what we could or should be doing to promote practitioners and the growth of Resonance Repatterning®? Bring your fresh new energy to the Board. Nominations are now open. All members in good standing are invited to nominate themselves or others to the board.  Join a circle of leaders committed to supporting practitioners’ success.  The new slate will be voted on at the February 26 Annual Meeting.   Board members will serve 2 year terms of office. Board members are part of a decision making team that develops and implement policy for the Association and its members. Basic participation is one board meeting per month 7-9PM Eastern.

For more information on the responsibilities of the board and various positions please visit:
Nominations made on line at:

Call President, Karen Kent directly if you would like to discuss this further. 1-609-716-8700

Can you give this year?