Call for Nominations at the Annual Meeting February 26th

Consider for yourself this year: Why Do I Give to the RPA?

Expand your circle and professional sphere of influence and join the RPA Board

Do you have ideas and opinions about the Association and what we could or should be doing to promote practitioners and the growth of Resonance Repatterning®? Bring your fresh new energy to the Board. Nominations are now open. All members in good standing are invited to nominate themselves or others to the board.  Join a circle of leaders committed to supporting practitioners’ success.  The new slate will be voted on at the February 26 Annual Meeting.   Board members will serve 2 year terms of office. Board members are part of a decision making team that develops and implement policy for the Association and its members. Basic participation is one board meeting per month 7-9PM Eastern.

For more information on the responsibilities of the board and various positions please visit:
Nominations made on line at:

Call President, Karen Kent directly if you would like to discuss this further. 1-609-716-8700

Can you give this year?

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