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But if you did want to throw money at advertising your services…

We are still in the construction phase of our new website homebase and we are really excited about the way it will pull all of our services and programs together accessible from the home page. The website not only supports us in connecting with each other but also gives us a few ways to promote the services of our members. See my last post on free stuff.

However, We will also have a new feature to support our RPAMarketPlace ads. MarketPlace Ads show up on the home page in a revolving carousel. Each add is quite small but when you click on it, you will be taken to the link provide by the advertiser (You!). The may go to your website, blog, Facebook Page or a landing page at your website for something you would like to promote. Having your services promoted with a paid ad, can only add to the overall effectiveness of a marketing plan for your business which includes your free content such as articles.

Here is the really good news… to launch the website all members in good standing are offered one ad space for free. Members may purchase additional ad spaces for $30 each/Non Members price$60.00. The ad will run for 1 year.

We would love to have your ad on our home page MarketPlace when we launch in a week or two! If you are a member check your inbox for an email with all the details or go straight to the RPA Store and  login to “Purchase” your ad for your members price.

Non Members may purchase an ad here as well!

With love and light


Announcing the “How To Do It” Series May 31st with Carolyn Winter

Want to expand your Tech Savvy tool box?  Announcing two short “How to Do It” workshops on May 31st from Prez, Carolyn Winter (moi!).

The series is inspired by my belief, that every repatterning practitioner has access to some of the most powerful web tools to create presence and interest in their work for little or no money.  You don’t need to be an web geek genius to take advantage of these tools.   While for the geeks it is second nature, for many of us we may just need a few more words of instructions to fill in the gaps .  If it is not second nature for you to ‘unpack’ an online tool, join me for this series.

In these are short webinars of 1 1/5 hours to 2 hours  I will provide step by step instructions to master something our practitioners would like to know about.  The workshops will be video recorded and made available for purchase at the store afterwards.   These are also available as renewal gift options to Certified and Student Practitioners renewing their membership in 2017.   If you have already renewed, look for your special coupon email in your “Inbox” emailed last week.

If there is another online tool you would like me to demonstrate.. please leave a comment.

Looking forward to sharing this information with you.

Carolyn Winter
On behalf of the RPA Board

PS – proceeds of these events go to support our new website! 

Learn How To Create Your Own Banner Ad (or other graphic)
MAY 31st 2017 at 9:00AM Eastern
[Noon Pacific| 6:00am Mountain | 7:00am Central | 9:00am Eastern | 2:00pm Great Britain]

Do we have your banner at the RPA Marketplace listings?  Check it out. >>>

Learn to EASILY make one of those in this workshop.   A banner ad may be added to our RPA Marketplace store which is promoted with every newsletter we send. Your banner Ad is linked to your website where folks can find your services.  Whether you need the banner ad or not, learning to make a simple graphic with text on top is handy to know.  You can then turn your camera pictures into blog post images that add interest to your words.  It is a great way to explore your creativity.

You can’t break anything in this workshop. Promise. If you resonate with playing around and easily applying what you learned   your practice will  flourish with wonderful graphics in no time.  We’ll do a short repatterning for good measure.   REGISTER /PURCHASE for $36.00

Learn to Create a Live Streaming YouTube Event $36.00
MAY 31st 2017 at 3:00PM Eastern
[Noon Pacific| 1:00pm Mountain | 2:00pm Central | 3:00pm Eastern | 7:00pm Great Britain]

Step by Step Instructions with Carolyn Winter 

Join Carolyn Winter on May 31st for the next 2 hour training event to learn how to create a live YouTube event (like the ones at World Peace Hologram).  Use this know-how to broadcast your group repatterning sessions.  The workshop will be via video conferencing.  A video recording is provided afterwards.  

– there are no pre-requisites to attend.

– the prerequisite to acquire this skill is to have a GMail Account.  You don’t need it for the class.

Register /Purchase for $36.00 at the RPA Store


“Walking Our Talk” at Vision Day

Vision Day 2017 has come and gone.

Two weeks ago we met to plan and share our vision.  Sitting with the RPA tribe is truly a thing of beauty.  I mean, how often do you get to sit with people from Brazil, Britain, Canada, Scotland, South Africa and all parts of the United States –  people who  ‘speak your language’? Technology is amazing.

The program was everything we expected it to be. We were welcomed by the RPA Pres, Carolyn Winter. We heard Folusho Oshoko present the RPA Vision. Leah MacLeod repatterned us for it. Veronica Puente presented last year’s survey results with a video featuring pictures of members.  (We are a good looking bunch!) Results of the 2017 Member Survey were presented.  Questions were answered.  There was open discussion and member feedback.  (You have great ideas!) A call was put out for more volunteers.  Vision Day ended featuring Facebook as a platform to connect and support each other and to market Resonance Repatterning to the world.  (Interesting! More to come on that.)

But hands down, the most exciting part of Vision Day 2017 came when discussing the member suggestion of monthly repatternings and Leah MacLeod spoke up and said, “Let’s do this. Let’s set this up right now.” Before you knew it, 4 Practitioners had volunteered and “Walking Our Talk” Monthly Group Repatternings for Members was born!!


The Repatternings will take place the 2nd week of every month on either a Thursday evening 7 EST or Saturday Noon EST.  They are free to all members and will be recorded to serve as  proxy sessions for those who can’t be present.

Mark your calendars! The first ‘Walking Our Talk’ Group Repatterning is Saturday, June 10th at 12 Noon EST.   The practitioner for the group will be revealed by means of a video blog post the week of the repatterning.  (Ah, the suspense!) Tune in here to find out who it will be.

We know what we want, we know how we feel and we are taking action to make it happen.  The RPA is ‘walking its’ talk’. It’s  going places.  Using modern technology and resources that are now available, the RPA is spiraling up as never before.  Please come and be a part of it. ‘Walk your Talk’ with us.



Circle the Date…September 24th and Join Us to Superboost Your Professional Goals

In this event we’ll come together as an association to repattern the RPA vision and goals as well as those for each participating member.  Building on the principle of entrainment – the amplitude for our intentions doubles when we are in the entrained energy of a group.  IMAGINE THE  ENERGY FOR YOUR INTENTIONS!
DATE:  Saturday September 24th 2016
TIME:   Noon Eastern to 3:00pm (approximately)
VENUE:  Video Conferencing online using
(We’ll send you the link no need to buy a zoom account)
There are 3 main parts to the event:
PART 1  – Record your CEU’s –  Remember we have a new policy for CEU’s.   We would like to honor your professionalism by recording them to your account (private to you)!.  This is an opportunity to make sure all of our members are up to date with regards to their CEU requirements..   You will be provided with a link to facilitate this. This is a PRE and /or POST event activity.
PART 2 – Repatterning Our Professional Goals – This is the main focus of the REPATTERNING YOUR PROFESSIONAL GOALS day.  Everyone will have an opportunity to name their personal professional goals and have them included with our collective goals as a professional association.   Imagine the energy applied to your goals!
Ardis Ozborn, RR Teacher has agreed to facilitate this session along with a special guest Magui Block, practitioner, teacher, author  and developer of healing the Family Systems and Attract the Love of Your Life Seminars .  WHAT A DUO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PART 3 –  Keep It Going – We have had many suggestions in the recent past to launch support groups for members who are isolated or want support for learning and integrating this work.   With the new video conferencing we are using at RPA ( we are able to organize any number of group meetings provided there are volunteers.   A few ideas are already on the table for student practitioners, folks living ‘down under’,  or other specialized interests.  DO you have any?  Bring them to the discussion.

This event is FREE to members and just $60 for Non Members.  Register at the RPA Store! 

We are all looking forward to this!

Repatternings Live Update [Video Update 2:47 minutes]

RPA Members – Sign up as a volunteer for the project here:

Visit the Archive Page of Repatternings Live! communications to date including the training video.

Facebook page to interact with the public and answer questions about individual repatternings:

New WPH Session 9.21.16 Acrimony and politics…

Things have been a bit dormant for awhile over at the World Peace Hologram program – until today!  RR Teachers Ardis Ozborn and Jennifer Johnson are lighting at candle with a next session for September 21st.  called Acrimony and Politics.  It builds on the angst caused by the current political USA contest and fall metal element energy for the father within.    Thank you Ardis and Jennifer!

Participate in the session by completing the form

They tell me this will be a YouTube live production (streaming video) so stay tuned for more!



Membership Opportunity

Do you have new ideas to share? Plug them into these RPA upcoming events… 


Are you looking for interesting projects to work on?

The RPA is looking for new members to join our Advisory Board to help us with several new projects, such as;

You could be a part of any of these exciting projects. We work as a team at the RPA and you would never be asked to do anything that you are not willing and able to do.  However, be prepared to feel supported, inspired, learn new things and be fulfilled contributing to the community.

If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, please email us at.

Leah MacLeod