Announcing the “How To Do It” Series May 31st with Carolyn Winter

Want to expand your Tech Savvy tool box?  Announcing two short “How to Do It” workshops on May 31st from Prez, Carolyn Winter (moi!).

The series is inspired by my belief, that every repatterning practitioner has access to some of the most powerful web tools to create presence and interest in their work for little or no money.  You don’t need to be an web geek genius to take advantage of these tools.   While for the geeks it is second nature, for many of us we may just need a few more words of instructions to fill in the gaps .  If it is not second nature for you to ‘unpack’ an online tool, join me for this series.

In these are short webinars of 1 1/5 hours to 2 hours  I will provide step by step instructions to master something our practitioners would like to know about.  The workshops will be video recorded and made available for purchase at the store afterwards.   These are also available as renewal gift options to Certified and Student Practitioners renewing their membership in 2017.   If you have already renewed, look for your special coupon email in your “Inbox” emailed last week.

If there is another online tool you would like me to demonstrate.. please leave a comment.

Looking forward to sharing this information with you.

Carolyn Winter
On behalf of the RPA Board

PS – proceeds of these events go to support our new website! 

Learn How To Create Your Own Banner Ad (or other graphic)
MAY 31st 2017 at 9:00AM Eastern
[Noon Pacific| 6:00am Mountain | 7:00am Central | 9:00am Eastern | 2:00pm Great Britain]

Do we have your banner at the RPA Marketplace listings?  Check it out. >>>

Learn to EASILY make one of those in this workshop.   A banner ad may be added to our RPA Marketplace store which is promoted with every newsletter we send. Your banner Ad is linked to your website where folks can find your services.  Whether you need the banner ad or not, learning to make a simple graphic with text on top is handy to know.  You can then turn your camera pictures into blog post images that add interest to your words.  It is a great way to explore your creativity.

You can’t break anything in this workshop. Promise. If you resonate with playing around and easily applying what you learned   your practice will  flourish with wonderful graphics in no time.  We’ll do a short repatterning for good measure.   REGISTER /PURCHASE for $36.00

Learn to Create a Live Streaming YouTube Event $36.00
MAY 31st 2017 at 3:00PM Eastern
[Noon Pacific| 1:00pm Mountain | 2:00pm Central | 3:00pm Eastern | 7:00pm Great Britain]

Step by Step Instructions with Carolyn Winter 

Join Carolyn Winter on May 31st for the next 2 hour training event to learn how to create a live YouTube event (like the ones at World Peace Hologram).  Use this know-how to broadcast your group repatterning sessions.  The workshop will be via video conferencing.  A video recording is provided afterwards.  

– there are no pre-requisites to attend.

– the prerequisite to acquire this skill is to have a GMail Account.  You don’t need it for the class.

Register /Purchase for $36.00 at the RPA Store


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