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It’s a slow (but good) news day in RPAlandia

RPA Classifieds
Classifieds! How Classy!










I just posted a couple of offerings in our Classifieds by one of our long time prominent members.

~~Did you know you can find offerings by our members there?

~~Did you know that you can have your offerings listed for a small fee?

~~Did you know you can subscribe and get notified when there are new offerings?

Click the link to check it out!  You don’t have to be a member to see the content.


WPH Training (8 CEU’s)

WPHVolLogo2Most would agree that if you have signed up as a WPH volunteer for the re-launched program and downloaded your handbook, there is a small learning curve involved with setting yourself up as a volunteer and doing the sessions.  We agree! So much so that we feel the skills you will acquire in becoming a WPH Volunteer will earn you 8 Business related CEU’s toward your annual requirement.   To demonstrate that you have integrated your skills you will need to be signed up for the program and have posted and followed up with 3 WPH events in a 6 month window with your WP profile up to date.

The hand book and upcoming training (yes video recorded!) will get you up and running like a pro in no time!

Not a volunteer yet? Get the program at the RPA STORE.   Login with your Store Username and password here:  MY RPA STORE ACCT then navigate to this ‘product’ link to register: WPH Vol.  You will receive instructions to join the vol email list and receive the handbook, repatterning, and upcoming announcements for training and Earth Week events.

Training sessions begin the week of March 29th.  
With love and light

Carolyn Winter

World Peace Hologram Re-Launch Video Presentation

If you missed the conference, you missed our big re-launch of the WPH program.  Get up to speed and join as a volunteer because the big launch to the public is for the week of April 22.  We’d love for you to be a part of it.   Here is the video presentation from last Feb 22 by Leah MacLeod and Carolyn Winter

Ready to join as a volunteer?  Click Here 

Comments welcomed! Add Media

With love and light

Carolyn W.

Hurt Feelings on Both Sides

I feel the need for a clearing communication with you.


    There are two big things I hope you will receive

     with an open heart






Some of you have had your account expire and your listing removed. Some of you have expressed feeling shocked and hurt about this.  You don’t seem to realize that this is AUTOMATED. No one pulls the plug on you. No one knows that your listing has gone off. I do not get a notification.  I cannot prevent this from happening. I don’t even know it is happening. There is absolutely nothing personal or disloyal when this happens.

The only way to prevent this is to renew before it expires.  We have worked EXTREMELY HARD setting up automated email notifications to you personally – giving you warnings of your expiration date – but we have learned that we just can’t count on emails.  So now I call each of you (if you are in the USA or CANADA) and send personal email reminders to others.  I am often a bit behind on my calls.  Sometimes you have already expired before I call.  I call only once.  I hope to set up a volunteer call system soon to get more in front of this.


Sometimes things are frustrating for you.  You can’t get your login to work. You don’t “get” the information that you paid for EVEN though we DID send it. Your transaction doesn’t go through.  Your check takes a long time to get here. I don’t reply within hours of your email. ETC!

So please give us the benefit of the doubt in times like this. You can assume that I already know it is frustrating for you. I don’t need it explained to me.  I have done everything I possibly can to anticipate and prevent frustrating experiences for you.  So please refrain from venting on me or from expecting the kind of customer service you get from large corporations.   These interactions hurt my feelings,upset me, create hostility, damage our relationship and they are unproductive. I’ll tell you the truth – I am doing an unwanted and mostly thankless job so please… ASSUME THE BEST and be big about your little inconvenience or frustration. Gently inquire or give me notice of a problem.

Thank you for giving me a chance to clear this with you.

With love and best wishes,





World Peace Hologram program is re-launched.

WPHVolLogo2At the recent RPA conference, Leah MacLeod and i re-launched one of our long standing programs World Peace Hologram. In the past 2 months Leah and I have been hard at work to set up the program so that each practitioner can be responsible for announcing their sessions, collecting responses and providing session notes afterwards.

In our new service model, volunteers may offer sessions as often as they wish.  Subscribers to the WPH Newsletter must actively join each announced session in which they wish to be included.   This is a dramatic change from our previous model of one sign up for a calendar of weekly events.

WPH Repatterning – As part of the re-launch we also developed a World Peace Hologram repatterning that volunteers are invited to use for sessions.  The main part of this repatterning helps participants to recognize how the non-coherent patterns that we hold are reflected in the world and vice versa.

Admittedly the success of the re-launched WPH program hinges on the initiatives of practitioner volunteers to follow through with the basic training which includes:

  • getting a blog account,
  • setting up a WP social profile
  • learning how to make an announcement post (from an well document example)
  • planning a number of WPH sessions throughout the year as part of public relations for your business

Take a breathe! No one is in this endeavor alone.   Leah and I plan to do a number of training sessions that will be recorded to help every practitioner who wants to volunteer regularily… get on board.  We promise these trainings will be fun, and make the lessons easy.

NEXT BIG DATE:  Week of April 22 Beginning with Earth Day- While the program is launched at the level of volunteers, we have made no announcement to the existing subscribers.  We are planing a bigger launch for the week of April 22 (Yes! starting with Earth day) and invite practitioners to get set up and have a WPH event announced for that week.

We warmly invite RPA members (student practitioners and certified practitioners) to join as a volunteer.  We’ve set this up as a program to download at the RPA Store.  Login with your Store Username and password here:  MY RPA STORE ACCT then navigate to this ‘product’ link to register: WPH Vol.  You will receive instructions to join the vol email list and receive the handbook, repatterning, and upcoming announcements for training and Earth Week events.

Comments welcomed!

With light and love
Carolyn W and Leah M.

What else is happening at the RPA Conference?

The fun actually begins on February 16th …. 

To register at the members fee, login with your STORE login at:  Your name will appear at the top right corner

Now you can register at the members fee here:

Non Members Register Here

PRE-CONFERENCE EVENTS Begins February 16th and Include:

  • Media Monday
  • Fame Tuesday
  • Marketplace Wednesday
  • Oscar Pic Thursday
  • Take a Stand for Peace Friday


  • Annual Meeting, Volunteer Recognition, New Business and Visit from Chloe Wordsworth / This part is open to all members free of charge (click here) Begins at 1:00PM Eastern (New York time) / 10:00 AM Pacific (Los Angeles)
  • Key Note Presentation:  “The Ennegram And You as Practitioner ” by  With Sandra Smith, M.Div.
  • World Peace Hologram Re-Launch 2015 with Leah MacLeod and Carolyn Winter

Earliest Bird Price Ends TOMORROW

Our $39 Members EARLIEST Bird Special for the 20th Anniversary Annual Teleconference, February 21st ends January 15th at midnight. (Only the business meeting is free to members in good standing.)


  • You must LOGIN to the STORE with your RPA email address before you can purchase. DO NOT USE YOUR RPA PASSWORD -MAKE A NEW AND DIFFERENT PASSWORD FOR THE STORE ONLY.
  • The Teleconference WILL BE RECORDED and available if you cannot attend in person.

The business meeting is our chance to acknowledge ourselves and create new possibilities. It never fails to strengthen our bonding and inspiration for who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Typically a number of members sign up immediately before the event – only to discover that their membership is expired!  So now we offer the biggest discount if you register BEFORE THE END of JANUARY 15th at the RPA store –

~~  Go to, LOGIN  and then click “Upcoming Events” in the column on the left or click this image now— but be sure to LOGIN!

20th Anniversary Annual Teleconference

Carolyn Winter will also be re-launching the World Peace Hologram – which is designed to support your global presence as a practitioner as well as the world’s energy field. In addition to our incredible keynote presentation, we are offering a very special 20th Anniversary Pre-Conference Event for members in good standing.  This will be unveiled soon.

Our keynote speaker will introduce:

  • Handouts that explain the Enneagram and “lens of attention” of each nine personality types.
  • How each of the nine personality types moves from “vice to virtue.”
  • The underlying motivations that drive behavior and the patterns that limit (both practitioners and clients).
  • Each type has a predominant brain center: mental faculties, heart logic, and body wisdom. As practitioners our dominant center is our strength (and our weakness when we lack awareness.)


Enneagram and YOU
The Enneagram brings you more coherence

The Enneagram brings you more coherence

 It is NOT necessary to have prior knowledge of the Enneagram in order to enjoy and benefit from the presentation. However, you may be inspired to learn more – either before or after the presentation.

Identifying your type prior to the program is not necessary but again, you may be glad you did. No one is a type – types are a jumping off point for gaining more coherence through awareness. The Enneagram stresses levels of awareness (coherence) as the relevance for understanding the unmet needs underlying personality types. Learning your “type” might prove interesting as you listen to the presentation.

Here’s where to learn more about the Enneagram or your “type”:

(Take the full test for best results — it will take some time.)