But if you did want to throw money at advertising your services…

We are still in the construction phase of our new website homebase and we are really excited about the way it will pull all of our services and programs together accessible from the home page. The website not only supports us in connecting with each other but also gives us a few ways to promote the services of our members. See my last post on free stuff.

However, We will also have a new feature to support our RPAMarketPlace ads. MarketPlace Ads show up on the home page in a revolving carousel. Each add is quite small but when you click on it, you will be taken to the link provide by the advertiser (You!). The may go to your website, blog, Facebook Page or a landing page at your website for something you would like to promote. Having your services promoted with a paid ad, can only add to the overall effectiveness of a marketing plan for your business which includes your free content such as articles.

Here is the really good news… to launch the website all members in good standing are offered one ad space for free. Members may purchase additional ad spaces for $30 each/Non Members price$60.00. The ad will run for 1 year.

We would love to have your ad on our home page MarketPlace when we launch in a week or two! If you are a member check your inbox for an email with all the details or go straight to the RPA Store and  login to “Purchase” your ad for your members price.

Non Members may purchase an ad here as well!

With love and light


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