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Three Ways to Promote Your Services Without Selling Through RPA

“Before the web, organizations had only two significant options for attracting attention: Buy expensive advertising or get third-party ink from the media. But the web has changed the rules. The web is not TV. Organizations that understand the New Rules of Marketing and PR develop relationships directly with consumers like you and me.” David Meerman Scott, The New Rules of Marketing and PR Sixth Edition 2017

Most people who study Repatterning have a vision for a full time thriving practice doing this work.  When you are studying RR you can’t help but think – ‘everyone has to have this… and certainly want sessions’…”it will sell itself’.   However, most of us are stopped in our tracks at the daunting task of advertising or building a practice. Generally, healers dislike selling, and get over-whelmed with the options out when doing a google search.    It is true, marketing has changed for everyone in the world and there are many things you can do.      Here is how RPA can support you in selling your services without selling – instead build a relationship with a potential audience.

1. Learn how to tell your stories, share your expertise and let your potential audience know – that you know how to help solve their problems with repatterning. Publish your articles at the RPA Journal. More is arriving about that soon. A new journal committee has formed and are working on ideas for how to support you in this endeavor. Visit our Journal online today to get acquainted. We’ll be in touch soon for ways you can contribute an article or create your own authors page at

2. Provide the public with an opportunity to experience sessions with you, so they get a sense of what is involved. Volunteer to do sessions at and start attracting your potential audience. The sessions you provide are free, but provide the public with an idea of the possibilities for deeper information for their own personal session with you. Also the joy of Repatterning for peace is most uplifting!!! Get started as a volunteer and download the instructions from our store (login first).

3. Share information on your social media network that lets your potential audience know about services, articles and other resources that they may find helpful – not just yours!  You will soon become the expert in your sphere and a  ‘go to’ person for help. The marketing adage here is ‘sharing is caring’.

It’s a two way street! When you publish as an author at the RPA Journal or host a session at WORLD PEACE HOLOGRAM – RPA posts these to our Facebook page and Twitter account, they go out in round-up emails to a subscribers list and will be marketed on the home page of our new website!!!!!!!

Most marketing courses will tell you that services like ours require information based ‘advertising’ or content strategies.  As you begin writing articles that are published by a 3rd party (RPA) or offer sessions as part of a bigger program (WPH) your web presence will build with greater credibility, as you are part of the group.  People will then naturally find you through key words, word of mouth and your own published online content.

For myself, many new clients tell me that they feel they already ‘know me’ because they have watched my videos made as long as 10 years ago … still online!

Does this whole topic make you nervous? Don’t worry, we have you covered with the new Embrace Success Repatterning launching at our Professional Goals Day Repatterning Event September 30th. Stay tuned!

Start thinking about your first World Peace Hologram session or an article you would like to write.  Take some baby steps and move forward toward success!

Together we are so much more!


Heal Your Marketing Patterns and Upload… a Higher Frequency to the Grid of Humanity!

The WPH program was first launched by dedicated RPA volunteers during the aftermath of 9/11. A calendar was filled with weekly sessions volunteered by practitioners around the topic of world peace.  For slightly over 10 years, a session per week graced the calendar offered by members like you volunteering their time.  Many visitors to our website were introduced to resonance repatterning through the sessions that they offered.    Practitioners in this model selflessly remained largely invisible in the presentation.

Yes there has been a hiatus as technology for this program changed and volunteers to set up the new structure scarce.  You may be interested to know that at least 2 people per week kept signing up to receive notices of the next session!However, at last February’s conference we were excited to re-launch the WPH program with many wonderful changes!

The new vision is a long term strategy and aims to create a community of support among practitioners.  Together we’ll learn the technical and cutting edge marketing skills needed. It aims to support practitioners to establish a web presence, directly connect with subscribers, while giving the public an opportunity to experience Resonance Repatterning in large group proxy sessions. We intend that through this program the public finds you and your services to help them with their problems.

Subscribers receive weekly emails with announcements of new sessions posted, followed up or inspired articles by members.  Most of all we’ll be providing a service to the public that makes a difference in the world!

MCj04260800000[1]To move forward with World Peace Hologram we now need to hear from you. Please complete the survey at the link below to let us know your needs and commitment for this program.


How Can You Support World Peace Hologram?


One way we as an organization can create a web presence, for all of us as a community and at the same time each of us as an individual is by offering sessions at our program .    If all of us ‘Tweet’, ‘Share’, Like or Reblog any practitioners event the return for all of us IS exponential.  There are a few ways you, as an active caring RPA member, can support the program.   This week…

Shout Out and Please Support… 
Summer Starr, a student practitioner who has posted her next WPH event for her series focusing on recovery from grief.   I invite RPA members to support Summer in her endeavor by visiting this event and signing up, leaving a comment or best of all…use any of the SHARE button on her posted event.   Click here to participate

WPHVolLogo2Recently practitioner/teachers –  Ardis Ozborn and Jennifer Johnson have also announced their WPH signature events.  Visit their archive pages and leave comments. Participate after the fact!

I warmly invite you to do the same.  Get the complete WPH  sign up package at the RPA Store  .  Start your own WPH Healing series.  You could be up and posted in no time.

Subscribe to WPH:  No time for offering sessions?  Join as a subscriber and receive the news of the latest WPH events and post session follow-ups are published in a weekly WPH newsletter to 50+ subscribers and growing.  To subscribe to WPH news  sign up here.  Again, once you know about an event be sure share it with your network.

Showing up at World Peace Hologram either as a practitioner or social sharer is an easy way to establish your authority and grow your web presence, practice and be known for doing healing work that makes a difference.

Comments and questions welcomed!

With love and light ,

Carolyn Winter

Have you set up your WPH series topic yet? Check out “Ideal Father Message” at WPH

Shout out to Ardis Ozborn who has set up her WPH topic. She has, posted her first announcement for a session, booked me to live stream it on YouTube (hint, hint… don’t I love to be asked!) and put in place this post for the category called INSPIRATION.

When you click on the image in this post (and honestly that is all there is to this post) you will see it is linked to an archive page of ALL of Ardis’ posts.  If you click through to Ardis’ own blog JourneysWithOz you will notice that she used the “Reblog” wordpress function to post it there as well.   A great way to stretch your content on many channels so that you can get noticed!  You too can promote yourself within the WPH program by using these options.

Join us Aug 19 at noon Eastern to find out how you can set up your WPH series and promotions. Info in your inbox coming soon.

Get a head start by obtaining your free repatterning and Volunteer Instruction manual at the store.  Then think about your ideal WPH topic.


Click through here to the inspiration post and click on the image or click the image below:

WPH Training (8 CEU’s)

WPHVolLogo2Most would agree that if you have signed up as a WPH volunteer for the re-launched program and downloaded your handbook, there is a small learning curve involved with setting yourself up as a volunteer and doing the sessions.  We agree! So much so that we feel the skills you will acquire in becoming a WPH Volunteer will earn you 8 Business related CEU’s toward your annual requirement.   To demonstrate that you have integrated your skills you will need to be signed up for the program and have posted and followed up with 3 WPH events in a 6 month window with your WP profile up to date.

The hand book and upcoming training (yes video recorded!) will get you up and running like a pro in no time!

Not a volunteer yet? Get the program at the RPA STORE.   Login with your Store Username and password here:  MY RPA STORE ACCT then navigate to this ‘product’ link to register: WPH Vol.  You will receive instructions to join the vol email list and receive the handbook, repatterning, and upcoming announcements for training and Earth Week events.

Training sessions begin the week of March 29th.  
With love and light

Carolyn Winter

World Peace Hologram Re-Launch Video Presentation

If you missed the conference, you missed our big re-launch of the WPH program.  Get up to speed and join as a volunteer because the big launch to the public is for the week of April 22.  We’d love for you to be a part of it.   Here is the video presentation from last Feb 22 by Leah MacLeod and Carolyn Winter

Ready to join as a volunteer?  Click Here 

Comments welcomed! Add Media

With love and light

Carolyn W.

World Peace Hologram program is re-launched.

WPHVolLogo2At the recent RPA conference, Leah MacLeod and i re-launched one of our long standing programs World Peace Hologram. In the past 2 months Leah and I have been hard at work to set up the program so that each practitioner can be responsible for announcing their sessions, collecting responses and providing session notes afterwards.

In our new service model, volunteers may offer sessions as often as they wish.  Subscribers to the WPH Newsletter must actively join each announced session in which they wish to be included.   This is a dramatic change from our previous model of one sign up for a calendar of weekly events.

WPH Repatterning – As part of the re-launch we also developed a World Peace Hologram repatterning that volunteers are invited to use for sessions.  The main part of this repatterning helps participants to recognize how the non-coherent patterns that we hold are reflected in the world and vice versa.

Admittedly the success of the re-launched WPH program hinges on the initiatives of practitioner volunteers to follow through with the basic training which includes:

  • getting a blog account,
  • setting up a WP social profile
  • learning how to make an announcement post (from an well document example)
  • planning a number of WPH sessions throughout the year as part of public relations for your business

Take a breathe! No one is in this endeavor alone.   Leah and I plan to do a number of training sessions that will be recorded to help every practitioner who wants to volunteer regularily… get on board.  We promise these trainings will be fun, and make the lessons easy.

NEXT BIG DATE:  Week of April 22 Beginning with Earth Day- While the program is launched at the level of volunteers, we have made no announcement to the existing subscribers.  We are planing a bigger launch for the week of April 22 (Yes! starting with Earth day) and invite practitioners to get set up and have a WPH event announced for that week.

We warmly invite RPA members (student practitioners and certified practitioners) to join as a volunteer.  We’ve set this up as a program to download at the RPA Store.  Login with your Store Username and password here:  MY RPA STORE ACCT then navigate to this ‘product’ link to register: WPH Vol.  You will receive instructions to join the vol email list and receive the handbook, repatterning, and upcoming announcements for training and Earth Week events.

Comments welcomed!

With light and love
Carolyn W and Leah M.