Up Coming Events- Circle Your Calendar!

There is lots happening at RPA!  In case you missed previous announcements here is the list to circle in your diary and/or add to add to your “TO DO” list

  1. August 3rd at 3:00pm Eastern –  “MEET & GREET” – We recognize that as an organization we are small but complex! There is a great deal to unpack and become familiar with when you are a new member.  Even long time members have asked for more orientation.    We have an informal initiative to do just that! Join Jenny Woodruff, Rose Gallagher and myself at one of our monthly or so “Meet and Greet” online sessions.  You will meet a small group of other members, find out all about RPA and clear up any confusion and find out where you may want to get involved.   Its very informal and open to members.  Please email me if you wish to attend and i will send you the access detail.   We meet online using Zoom video conferencing.

Coming? Email me carolyn@lighttravels.com

– The Monthly Repatterning for Practitioners:  

Here are the dates for our next Walking Our Talk monthly repatterning.    Access details will arrive in your inbox if you have signed up.   Not signed up yet?   You can get the details at the webstore (free for members)

1. August 12th  at Noon Eastern (Saturday)  – Tabitha Crook

2. September 14th at 7pm EST  (Thursday) – Isabel Thomas

3. October 14th at noon EST (Saturday)  – Ellen Shapiro.

3. September 30th at 12 Noon Eastern – 2:30pm
 (Free for Members) -very exciting news here! The Repatterning Ebook team that came together after last year’s event, will be unveiling a year’s worth of work creating a brand new repatterning:  “Embracing Success by Transforming Professional Goals- Inspiring growth in each other and the world”

There is something for everyone in this repatterning.  We are planning an overview and one large group repatterning to set our personal vision for professional success.  This will then be followed by several breakout groups for  specific areas of professional development to support your overall vision for success. These include:

a) Learn Repatterning
b) Getting Certified
c) Deepening Your Professional Practice
d) Stages of Membership Participation, Volunteering, and Organizational Excellence

This is an in-depth Repatterning structured similar to Chloe’s Chakra Repatterning or Negative Thoughts Repatterning as it is several repatternings rolled into one.   There will be at least 30 pages  – offering something for everyone in the Repatterning community!   Participants will receive their own copy of the repatterning in PDF form – free with their membership.     Way more details coming later in August.

Membership up for renewal or lapsed?  
Visit the RPA Webstore to get up to date. 

With love and light


2 thoughts on “Up Coming Events- Circle Your Calendar!”

  1. Great to see so many quality events on offer to members, and great to see people giving their time and getting involved in all the groups and committees behind them. As a long term member who has seen many phases of the RPA over the years, I am heartened to see all this activity, and feel excited to belong!


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