Can we create the ‘Huffington Post’ for Resonance Repatterning?

 This post was originally published November 4th 2012.  With a brand new Journal committee coming together this summer to plot its relaunch, I thought this would be a great post to revisit.  ( Yes…. I hear you laughing…. that Carolyn will never give up! )  But please know this.   In my heart I know we ALL do amazing work with Resonance Repatterning.  I know everyone of us has a great story tell or information to share related to repatterning that would help someone out there who has never heard of us solve a problem and have a better life.  Most of all i know that among us we can support each other to get the stories out.   Stay tuned for the support coming soon from the new Journal committee.
With love and light
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“Can We Create the ‘Huffington Post’ for Resonance Repatterning?”
 It is in many ways the ideal medium to educate the public on the value and uses for Resonance Repatterning.  Like any other online medium, whether you are a professional marketer or someone who has never tried to blog, you never know when that one post will hit a resonant note with the public consciousness and go viral. (Read this free online resource for more info on Viral Marketing for you and me)

For most practitioners, that writing challenge is formidable on many levels, – the time it takes, skill level, topics committment etc.  However, lately I have been wondering how practitioners could work together, and create the ‘Huffington Post’ of Resonance Repatterning.   Posts don’t need to be long.  They do need to carry a short coherent message, call to action such as “Comments Welcomed”, snappy title and a sprinkling of key words.   They don’t need to be fancy but the medium can and should be mixed perhaps with a YouTube video, audio recording, picture you have snapped, or link to some other valuable information – not advertising or self-promotion.

What’s in it for me or you?  These posts promote the practitioner via a short 1 sentence bio + Link or their Gravatar card.  Also practitioner authors at the blog have their gravatar photo on the blog itself.  If your content is compelling, visitors have a hard time not to click your link to find out more about you.   The posts could be delivered to public subscribers on a weekly basis in a newsletter.  The newsletter links + your posts whenever you show up, are then circulated.    Very very inexpensive form of advertising when you think of it.

So thinking outloud, I am wondering …what if all RPA members committed to writing an article (called posts in blog language) for the journal next year? What about several posts? What could you do? Something weekly? Monthly? Quarterly?  What if we coordinated as a group to brainstorm a list of compelling topics to write about  that would appeal to the public and would help them see the value for RR for particular situations and problems? Could we as a group generate 2 posts per day for a year?  Hmmm.

Do we need training? Perhaps to raise our excitement level we need some training, things like the basics of getting a WordPress Account, making a post, inserting an image, pointers for writing, key words etc..  Once trained would we then be up for a Repatterning Challenge?

Let’s drop the gauntlet with one or two.

Group Challenge:  What if we set a goal of 1000 posts made in total by all members during the period of our February Conference date 2013 – February 2014?  Add a second group challenge of 100,000 unique visitors to the site for the same period.

Individual Challenge – Prize to be determined goes to member(s) who make 354 posts or more. / Second prize to be determined to the top 10 members with most posts and less than 354.

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Your Feed Back Is Requested – Sally Herr, Journal Committee Chair  and I are discussing the possibilities of a journal training program as well as this challenge.  We would very much appreciate YOUR feedback in the comments below.  Your comments will helps us decide if we are to proceed with this idea.  And if you would like to volunteer, we would love to hear from you as well.

Does it go without saying that writing repattering is involved! LOL

With love and light

Carolyn Winter

Walking Our Talk June 10th – Feedback

Hi everyone – our first Walking Our Talk last June 10th was a wonderful success with 21 of us participating in a members monthly repatterning.  Laura Frisbie did a wonderful job of facilitating the Reptilian Brain Repatterning.   We learn from each other… Laura had tips that were new to many and we now resonate with the frequency of putting ourselves out there and making our work known.    One tangible result of this session is this quick video at the end of the session – an in the moment vlog testimonial.

Go here to watch the Rewind or join the group and receive reminders for the next session.

Our thanks to Laura Frisbie for facilitating a wonderful session.

with love and light

Resonate with Healing and Having Justice for the Missing or Lost Indigenous Women

When there are missing loved ones in our lives, our energy system seeks to find the answer, and to restore balance to our family system. The family system conscious needs to know. Are there family members missing in your system? Join me for this session to create personal and world peace focusing on the current situation for Indigenous women in Canada

World Peace Hologram

Here in Canada we have had a horrible situation of missing women particularly of aboriginal descent over the past 30 years. The number of missing women make it too many to be more than a coincidence. It seems one day a person is here and the next day they are off the face of the earth.  Calls for a task force to investigate went unaddressed for 3 decades but even now that one is appointed nearly a year ago, its work seems stalled at every turn.

Could it be that society is not resonating with caring, knowing or more importantly solving this tragic trend so that it no longer happens?

This group session is to help us create a field of peace for knowing what happened to our loved ones, finding loved ones, for having the support of society to have justice and to resonate with a culture of mutual…

View original post 48 more words

First Walk Our Talk Group Repatterning for Members is June 10th with Laura Frisbie!

Are you signed up as yet for our brand new members collaboration Walking Our Talk?   It is a monthly meeting of members with a volunteer practitioner leading a group session.   Hosted via video conferencing (Zoom) for an hour, you are welcome to stay on just to chat and meet the other members.

The first session is Saturday June 10th at 12 Noon EST

We are also pleased to announce that our very first practitioner leading the group is Past President and current RPA Registered Agent Laura Frisbie.

Mark your calendars. Our schedule to date is as follows:

  • Saturday, July 8th at 12 Noon EST
  • Saturday, August 12th at 12 Noon EST
  • Thursday, September 14th at 7 PM EST


Has your membership lapsed?   Rejoin at anytime and start participating soon after.  We have options for a sliding scale, payment plans or special requests.  Isabel at the front desk would be happy to help you sort out what is needed at 1-800-685-2811

Would you like to volunteer as a practioner?  We already have practitioners confirmed for sessions June -October. If you would like to volunteer for any of the other dates (November 2017-May 2018) please contact Board Member Leah MacLeod.  She will sort out dates and provide you with the practitioner instructions.

Our recent events using videoconferencing have proven to be wonderful.  Take this opportunity as part of your membership to connect with your community and support YOUR well being.

With love and light

Carolyn W
on behalf of the Walking Our Talk program team

Leah MacLeod, Rose Gallagher and Carolyn Winter.

Learning Resonance Repatterning? Join Your Tribe

New to Resonance Repatterning? Taken a couple of courses? Totally switched on for this awesome way to heal yourself?

We have a tribe for you!  Once you get started with learning how to do Resonance Repatterning, and experience the miraculous when doing sessions, most people want to share it. You soon find out that not too many people can appreciate your awesome experience. Some friends do not want to hear about it at all!

Avoid the downward spiral of isolation and join us here at the Repatterning Practitioners association. You will be in the good company of like minded people who know about the power of this work, walking our talk and oodles of ways to use RR for everyday life situations.

When you join as a Student (not yet completed the first 5 classes or just practicing what you learned) you receive the 8 Wk Teleseminar created by Ardis Ozborn on the Five Elements. Recorded in 2005,  it is a timeless course with handouts that help you become deeply acquainted with the Element system of healing. Each 2 hour lecture includes a repatterning.

At RPA your membership includes an invite to 3 annual events, and numerous spin off projects like the current Walk Your Talk Group Repatterning Sessions for Members.

Join the RPA as a Student or an Associate and start hanging out with your tribe today! Go to the RPA Store to register. 

Announcing the “How To Do It” Series May 31st with Carolyn Winter

Want to expand your Tech Savvy tool box?  Announcing two short “How to Do It” workshops on May 31st from Prez, Carolyn Winter (moi!).

The series is inspired by my belief, that every repatterning practitioner has access to some of the most powerful web tools to create presence and interest in their work for little or no money.  You don’t need to be an web geek genius to take advantage of these tools.   While for the geeks it is second nature, for many of us we may just need a few more words of instructions to fill in the gaps .  If it is not second nature for you to ‘unpack’ an online tool, join me for this series.

In these are short webinars of 1 1/5 hours to 2 hours  I will provide step by step instructions to master something our practitioners would like to know about.  The workshops will be video recorded and made available for purchase at the store afterwards.   These are also available as renewal gift options to Certified and Student Practitioners renewing their membership in 2017.   If you have already renewed, look for your special coupon email in your “Inbox” emailed last week.

If there is another online tool you would like me to demonstrate.. please leave a comment.

Looking forward to sharing this information with you.

Carolyn Winter
On behalf of the RPA Board

PS – proceeds of these events go to support our new website! 

Learn How To Create Your Own Banner Ad (or other graphic)
MAY 31st 2017 at 9:00AM Eastern
[Noon Pacific| 6:00am Mountain | 7:00am Central | 9:00am Eastern | 2:00pm Great Britain]

Do we have your banner at the RPA Marketplace listings?  Check it out. >>>

Learn to EASILY make one of those in this workshop.   A banner ad may be added to our RPA Marketplace store which is promoted with every newsletter we send. Your banner Ad is linked to your website where folks can find your services.  Whether you need the banner ad or not, learning to make a simple graphic with text on top is handy to know.  You can then turn your camera pictures into blog post images that add interest to your words.  It is a great way to explore your creativity.

You can’t break anything in this workshop. Promise. If you resonate with playing around and easily applying what you learned   your practice will  flourish with wonderful graphics in no time.  We’ll do a short repatterning for good measure.   REGISTER /PURCHASE for $36.00

Learn to Create a Live Streaming YouTube Event $36.00
MAY 31st 2017 at 3:00PM Eastern
[Noon Pacific| 1:00pm Mountain | 2:00pm Central | 3:00pm Eastern | 7:00pm Great Britain]

Step by Step Instructions with Carolyn Winter 

Join Carolyn Winter on May 31st for the next 2 hour training event to learn how to create a live YouTube event (like the ones at World Peace Hologram).  Use this know-how to broadcast your group repatterning sessions.  The workshop will be via video conferencing.  A video recording is provided afterwards.  

– there are no pre-requisites to attend.

– the prerequisite to acquire this skill is to have a GMail Account.  You don’t need it for the class.

Register /Purchase for $36.00 at the RPA Store


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