On August 12th (noon Eastern)  I will be offering our third group repatterning as part of the new Walk Our Talk series. The first two were a great success. This will be my first time offering a group session on zoom and I’m very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to learn.

I’m going to be offering the Movement for Life repatterning from the Vision seminar as it’s one of my favourites and it seems fitting as the other work I’m trained in is called Movement Medicine and beautifully complements Resonance Repatterning. I particularly love this repatterning as it encourages us to connect with the natural, playful, innocent exuberance we may have felt more when we were children. The simple joy of being alive in a body that moves!

I’m a bit nervous about the technical side of things but I know that I’ll be expertly guided through it by the wonderful Rose Gallagher (RPA Secretary). If you feel the call to volunteer to offer a session then please get in touch with Leah MacLeod, who along with Carolyn Winter and Rose are the team responsible for organizing this brilliant new venture.

I hope to see lots of you there!

If you are already signed up for the program, access details will be emailed on Friday and Saturday. Not signed up yet?  Register at the RPA store. Free for Members


2 thoughts on “WALK OUR TALK on August 12th: DANCE FOR JOY!”

  1. Thank you for the compliment, Tabitha! I’m excited for your Repatterning this month!

    It’s funny to think of me being the ‘Techie’ for anything. Before being asked to volunteer with the RPA last year, I was hopeless with technology!! I’ve received more than I’ve given as a volunteer.

    We’re currently looking to train other ‘hosts’ for the Repatternings. It’s easy and fun! Interested? Email me at secretary@rpamembers.org. 🙂


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