ONLINE OBSERVATIONS for Student Practitioners!! And Other Offerings by DOs (Designated Observers)

This is may be the biggest news of 1013 and we’d love to tell you about it, but as a Non-Profit Incorporation, we are not allowed by law to promote any one business.  Sorry.  Look up the DOs blogs, maybe you’ll find news there. 

Just kidding! (More info below)

But really, what to do?  (Seems kinda important to tell you about it, since Certification is our primary purpose of existing.)

Carolyn Winter has come up with a solution to connect the pressing needs of Student Practitioners AND the DOs who provide them services. (Privacy dictates that DOs etc. do not have our member contact information.)


Do you have an upcoming offering that will directly support RPA Student Practitioners Certification?  Please post it at your blog and list our address ( in your TRACK BACK SPACE and it will be displayed in our next post with a short description from us. You can also notify Carolyn ( of your events after you have posted them.


  1. Anticipate plenty of NEW opportunities to expedite your Resonance Repatterning Certification journey!
  2. Stay informed! (Peek inside our emails to see what is new.)
  3. LOGIN ( to find the LATEST copies of Certification Manual, Forms, DO listings, etc.)
  4. Support Groups in New York City – Meryl Chodosh-Weiss, our latest Hall of Fame Inductee at RPA,  from New York city frequently offers a regularly scheduled skills building group in person.    At the time of this writing we don’t see her April listings, but visit her blog and join her list to keep informed of the next offerings.


Ardis Ozborn and Carolyn Winter have teamed up to provide YOU with


This is taken from Ardis’s blog post

‘I am available to do observations online through V SEE (an online resource similar to SKYPE). This gives me an opportunity to observe you demonstrating sessions from the comfort of your home. I am interested in forming a small group that wants to go through the process together. I have found the feedback I give one person is valuable for the other student/practitioners as well. It is also beneficial to observe people other than teachers giving sessions.’

“Please join me for a V SEE event on Monday, April 22 at 7PM (EST). During this video chat we will…” Read More or SIGN UP

So LET”S HEAR SOME APPLAUSE !  Let’s comment and congratulate Ardis Ozborn and Carolyn Winter for this first of many (much needed and game-changing) breakthroughs for our up and coming Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioners!

Laura Frisbie

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