Membership Renewal Reminders

Is your membership up for renewal?    We do our best to send out renewal notices by email but sometimes the mail does not reach it’s destination for any number of reasons.    Please help us by checking  your renewal date at your account.   To find it, log in into your RPA Account and scroll down to Step #1.  where your renewal date is displayed in red.

Video Message from Ardis Ozborn (Click Image or link)

Bonus – Beginning last  September 1st 2012, until August 31 2013, – renew your membership and receive the 5 Element Teleseminar Recordings – a thank  you gift from facilitator Ardis Ozborn.   Once your renewal is processed your 8 weekly installments will arrive with PDF Guide + MP3.  This was the first venture of RPA into online presentations back in 2005 and aslo the first for Ardis Ozborn.  It remains a  timeless set of materials and teaching that will enrich your practice.   Our thanks to Ardis Ozborn for making this available.

You may renew your account at the web store    

Thank you so much

The RPA Team

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