Update for WPH Volunteers

Our  thanks to president Karen Kent, for offering a World Peace Hologram telecall repatterning today, to help us resonate with the recovery efforts for the recent storm of the century.

WPH  volunteers or RPA members who would like to begin volunteering at World Peace Hologram to offer sessions to help with the recovery or other topics, please know that the new participation procedure is nearly complete and we will email you with details by Monday.

We’ll be using a commercial based WordPress.org blog.  Volunteers will post session events and follow up notes via blog posts.  The event listing you post and follow up notes or related articles will be published to a twice weekly newsletter delivered to  over 300 WPH subscribers.

In this new arrangement, rather than fill a calendar with weekly events, the program will be driven by WPH volunteers who would like to support either the group in general with general topics or by offering sessions to build a field of intention for particular community and world situations.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments or suggestions in the comments /reply box below.

With love and light
Carolyn Winter

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